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Root Canal Therapy – Greybull, WY

Restoring and Saving Your Natural Teeth

For many, root canal therapy sounds like the last thing you’d want to ever experience. However, the reality is root canal therapy offers so much for those in need of restorative care. With a root canal, you’re able to get yourself out of pain, which is generally the opposite of what many people believe treatment is supposed to accomplish. At Greybull Dental, Dr. Lance and Tate Anderson have the expertise, tools and knowledge to perform your root canal therapy safely in a comfortable and relaxing environment. If your tooth is in severe pain, don’t wait to get it treated by calling us today!

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

A dentist examining an X-ray on a computer.

If you’re experiencing significant tooth pain, it’s possible that an oral infection has developed inside of your tooth where the pulp lies. Of course, we won’t know for sure until you get to our office for more detailed examination. If you experience any of the following symptoms in tandem with your tooth pain, it will help us diagnose your condition more effectively. These symptoms include:

What Does Root Canal Therapy Entail?

A 3D cross-section of a tooth.

During root canal therapy, your tooth in question as well as the gum tissue surrounding the tooth will be numbed with local anesthetic. This ensures that you feel as comfortable as possible, however, we also offer nitrous oxide sedation for those who struggle to get dental treatments completed. Once your mouth is fully prepared, we’ll create a small access hole in the top of your crown, which allows us to remove infected gum tissue, bacteria and decay inside the tooth. Next, we’ll irrigate the canal and fill your inner tooth with gutta percha, which is a rubber-like substance designed to replace infected tissue and prevent future infections from developing.

Once the tooth is sufficiently filled, we’ll place a temporary dental crown over the top of the tooth. After we’ve created a permanent, custom-made crown for your tooth, you’ll come back to our office to have the permanent restoration placed. This restoration seals the damaged tooth from the rest of your mouth and restores the function of your tooth.

How Does Treatment Benefit Me?

A woman with tooth pain.

When a tooth is infected, it means that the tissue that’s responsible for keeping the tooth alive is failing. Without treatment, your tooth is almost certain to fail completely, forcing you to have it removed entirely. When patients are given the option to save their natural tooth via root canal therapy or extract the tooth, most would prefer to keep, restore and save it. Root canal therapy makes this possible.

Additionally, root canal therapy removes the significant discomfort you were feeling as a result of the infection. While many people assume that root canals cause pain, it’s more likely the infection and aftercare that is causing discomfort, not the treatment itself. After all, your tooth and gum tissue will be fully numbed during every step of treatment.

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